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NEXT Product Manager, Joanne Absher, reviews how NEXT provides delivery order automation for shippers of all sizes through the NEXT Shipper portal and EDI or API integrations.

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The transportation of an import container starts with the shipper providing a delivery order to the trucking company they’ve contracted to move their containers.

Traditionally, delivery orders are typically sent via email which is inefficient and may result in the delivery order getting lost in someone’s inbox. At NEXT, we provide EDI and API integrations to cut email out of the equation and help to automate the exchange of container information.

If a customer does not have the ability to integrate with our Advanced Trucking & Logistics Automation System through EDI or API, the NEXT Shipper portal provides a simple tool to upload delivery orders. After a simple upload of our CSV file template, all container information is automatically pulled from the delivery order for the customer to review before submitting to NEXT.

While our system integrations gather real-time container updates at the terminals, customers can monitor the status of their DOs on the Delivery Orders page. Once the delivery order’s container shipments meet the appropriate acceptance criteria, the DO is instantly accepted, providing customers quicker access to shipment tracking and terminal-level information all in one place.

If you’re ready to prevent your delivery orders from being lost in someone’s inbox, let us know. We’d be happy to make you NEXT.


Series Summary:

NEXT Trucking is the most robust freight technology company in the drayage industry. We also provide transloading and full truckload services to our customers. Watch below to learn all about our logistics solutions and why you should be NEXT to ship or drive with us.

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