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When you ship with NEXT, you receive the highest quality drayage, transloading, and full truckload service that minimizes your total cost, delivery time, and carbon footprint.

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Join the NEXT revolution.

Our load bundling technology and terminal partnerships allow us to reduce empty miles 33% more effectively than the industry.

Our rate of demurrage occurrence is up to 39% lower than the rest of the industry.

Our carriers have a 41% lower Out of Service (OOS) rating than the rest of the industry.

97% of outgates are captured within 1 hour, driving more real-time track and trace 24/7. Faster shipping and even faster cash flow.

What will you do with more control?

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Series Summary:

NEXT Trucking is the most robust freight technology company in the drayage industry. We also provide transloading and full truckload services to our customers. Watch below to learn all about our logistics solutions and why you should be NEXT to ship or drive with us.

End-to-End Platform Overview

Follow the container journey through NEXT’s state-of-the-art drayage…

Shipper Portal Delivery Order Automation

NEXT provides delivery order automation for shippers of all…

Automated Load Bundling & Dispatch Assistant

ATLAS uses automated appointment scheduling and smart route…

Carrier Load Matching

NEXT’s Carrier performance scorecard and automated load matching…

Shipper Portal Track & Trace

Shipping customers of all sizes get real-time GPS visibility of their…

Fast and Accurate Billing

ATLAS simplifies drayage document and billing complexities by…


NEXT’s local yard network and chassis equipment play a pivotal…
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