Reduces the traditional container lifecycle by up to three weeks.



< 10 days

time on vessel

within 24 hrs

available to outgate

no appointments

no waiting time

within 24 hrs

available to terminal


From steamship lines to terminals and from shippers
to carriers, each business operates using their own software
and processes. Each of these handoffs create friction,
resulting in delayed access to goods. NEXTpedited
harmonizes these transactions across all parties increasing
speed and reliability.

If you’re a supply chain leader who wants to gain access to
your imported goods more rapidly, while eliminating the risks
of demurrage and detention, NEXTpedited is the right solution
for you. This turnkey program removes friction from drayage
and eliminates the risk of detention and demurrage by aligning
the needs of multiple stakeholders, including shippers,
steamship lines, terminals, trucking companies, and warehouses.

In the end, it reduces the traditional container lifecycle by up to
three weeks, helping shippers access their goods faster and
more efficiently than other drayage providers.

Our Approach to NEXTpedited

NEXTpedited helps shippers move their goods more rapidly while reducing the risks of typical fees like detention and demurrage. NEXT works with shippers and their steamship lines to implement more efficient stowage plans. This allows terminals to create multiple peel piles while unloading the vessel; with each pile stacked with containers that have a common delivery destinations or are in close proximity.

Traditionally, containers are offloaded from a ship individually, with terminals then routing containers to select locations or simply creating a stack that will require continual shifting. As a result, trucking companies would often need to wait at the terminal while cranes move containers around in order to get the ‘right’ container.

Terminals that have partnered with NEXT on the program offer appointment-less ingating for truckers, eliminating the friction that typically comes with getting in and out of the port.


Peel Piles and Free Flow

One of the biggest benefits of NEXTpedited is the use
of peel piles, which allow a carrier to enter a terminal and
select the “first available” container, as opposed to looking for a specific container. Instead of terminal operators moving several
other containers to find and dig out the ‘right’ container,
carriers can come in and grab any available container.

Coupled with appointment-less terminal entry, truckers are able
to get in and out of the ports in 30 minutes or less, while utilizing
the same chassis they enter with and eliminating the need to find another chassis.


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