NEXT has developed a marketplace that bridges the gap between the most forward thinking supply chain operators and premier trucking companies.

As we’ve grown, NEXT has fine-tuned and expanded offerings through innovative strategies designed 
to meet the increasingly fragmented needs of shippers and carriers utilizing our dynamic marketplace.


At the heart of NEXT is ATLAS, our proprietary Transportation Management System that orchestrates the movement of 
a container from delivery order ingestion to job creation to dispatch to billing and payout. Connecting demand to supply with easy-to-use tools such as EDI, API, portals, and mobile apps, this platform allows shippers to realize the benefits of fast, cost effective, reliable and sustainable freight with access to a nationwide network of carriers, while providing carriers access to thousands of loads at their fingertips, maximizing productivity and top line.


Using APIs and other technologies to connect into the container ecosystem spanning shippers, carriers, terminals, yards, and chassis providers, NEXT is able to obtain and associate various data elements (e.g. container and chassis information) to ascertain the status of a container in an accurate and timely manner. This provides shippers with near-real-time visibility into their shipment status and allows for the seamless planning and execution of container moves, maximizing container throughput and minimizing exceptions (e.g. demurrage, per diem, dry runs, bobtails).


As a marketplace, NEXT drives value for several stakeholders in the container ecosystem, including shippers, carriers, yards, chassis providers, steamship lines and terminals. We employ first-of-a-kind artificial intelligence in reviewing thousands of data points to assess supply and demand and develop pricing that harmonizes the interests of parties involved in a move. With technology like optical character recognition (OCR), we are also able to quickly process documents to validate moves, bill shippers and pay carriers, driving working capital efficiency across the supply chain.


Using data from thousands of shipments across multiple shippers and carriers, our smart jobbing and dispatch algorithms craft parcels of work that maximize roundtrip jobs for carriers, getting the right job to the right carrier at the right time at the right price. This intelligence allows carriers to maximize revenue, and reduces cost to shippers through reduced exceptions (e.g. bobtails, dry runs, per diem, demurrage). By reducing deadhead and wasted miles with bundling, we are also reducing the environmental burden of truck emissions.

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