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NEXT Product Manager, Frank Jiang, outlines how NEXT’s Advanced Trucking & Logistics Automation System (ATLAS) uses technologies like OCR, machine learning, and API or EDI integrations to simplify drayage document and billing complexities.

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Here at NEXT, we are committed to leverage leading technologies such as OCR, intelligent automations, and API/EDI integrations to tackle all the billing challenges.

As the driver moves through the container lifecycle, our intelligent document obligation engine will detect what documents are needed. The driver will be prompted to take a photo of the document such as interchanges in, interchanges out, proof of delivery or other required documents.

Once the document is uploaded the machine learning driven OCR will kick in. In seconds, the system will recognize the document type, container number, chassis number, timestamps or other information. This ensures that our system could process thousands of documents daily and automatically identify erroneous or missing information in documents, along with carrier notification in the NEXT mobile app in real-time.

Another key problem area in our industry is the complexity of accessorials. NEXT has a special accessorial automation engine that covers a wide range of accessorials such as demurrage, chassis rental, detention, yard storage, stop offs, and more.

As for the finalization of the billing, the system can automatically consolidate the invoices based on delivery order, shipper reference number or special rules. Our integration team can also customize the need to do API or EDI integrations for invoices. This will allow the billing to be sent via system integration in real-time and further reduce the needs for manual review.

If you want to learn more about our fast and accurate billing solutions, just let us know. We’d be happy to make you NEXT.


Series Summary:

NEXT Trucking is the most robust freight technology company in the drayage industry. We also provide transloading and full truckload services to our customers. Watch below to learn all about our logistics solutions and why you should be NEXT to ship or drive with us.

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