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Follow the container journey through NEXT’s state-of-the-art drayage platform, including the NEXT Shipper portal, NEXT Carrier portal, the NEXT Carrier mobile app, and Advanced Trucking & Logistics Automation System (ATLAS) for internal NEXT operators.

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NEXT Trucking is a robust freight technology company with a fully scaled port drayage marketplace.

Our proprietary Advanced Trucking & Logistics Automation System, also known as ATLAS, powers the marketplace and our shipper, fleet, and owner operator technologies. It gives our users the ability to digitize their drayage container operations, while automating many of the traditional human-driven tasks performed by internal operators.

Let’s take a look at how NEXT technology streamlines every phase of the container lifecycle, from ATLAS auto-generating the shipper’s container loads, a carrier booking and completing a loaded container delivery, and the shipper notifying NEXT of an empty container to return to the port.

If a shipper does not have the ability to integrate with ATLAS through EDI or API, the NEXT Shipper portal provides a simple tool to upload delivery orders. After receiving a shipper’s delivery order, ATLAS uses OCR technology to read and automatically output the information, saving significant time and reducing human errors. While our terminal integrations provide real-time container status events, ATLAS automatically approves the delivery order and creates the container shipments and necessary loads to execute each container’s pickup, delivery, and empty termination.

Through our intelligent Dispatch Assistant technology, ATLAS automates the bundling of the best container loads together based on steamship lines, terminal appointments, and location proximity, creating terminal dual transactions or round trip jobs for carriers to book from the marketplace. This way NEXT maximizes the efficiency of the carrier, allowing them to complete more container loads and earn more revenue per day versus traditional methods.

While owner operators have the ability to book and complete jobs from the NEXT marketplace, port data shows that the majority of containers moved through terminals are completed by fleet carriers.

With this data and countless hours of fleet research, NEXT created a free, proprietary carrier portal designed for fleet dispatchers to assign drayage loads to their fleet drivers, track their progress, upload documents, and submit invoices – all while offering greater scalability of the marketplace.

When the driver is assigned to a new load, the NEXT mobile app provides all the information needed to complete the load autonomously. This user interface was designed around real-world experiences of the dispatchers and drivers who form the NEXT Carrier Alliance — an advisory board of NEXT’s top fleet and owner operator users.

When the load is started, our operators have real-time visibility as the driver hooks to the chassis, mounts to the loaded container, and departs the terminal for the delivery location.

Shippers moving freight with NEXT also have the same real-time visibility into the status and location of their containers in the NEXT Shipper portal. Active containers are automatically filtered by their current status for quick updates, while also providing visibility into containers at risk of demurrage or per diem and which containers have terminal appointments versus those still being scheduled. Sharable self-service data reporting is also available for real-time viewing or scheduled at customized intervals and sent directly to their email.

Each container shipment has a dedicated tracking page for the shipper to view the driver on a map, monitor shipment activity, see container information, and review date and time stamps for each of the driver’s actions at the terminal and destination. When the driver delivers the container and submits their documents, shippers can view them in real-time.

Simultaneously, the fleet dispatcher can review the uploaded documents, before submitting a custom invoice, or opting to use a NEXT-generated invoice to save time.

After the fleet’s documents and invoice are automatically received into ATLAS, our operators complete an auditing process before authorizing the job for payment.

While NEXT is paying the carrier for delivering the loaded container, the shipper is marking the container empty after it’s unloaded.

With this new empty container, our operators create the next terminal dual transaction or round trip job and the cycle continues… with your NEXT load.


Series Summary:

NEXT Trucking is the most robust freight technology company in the drayage industry. We also provide transloading and full truckload services to our customers. Watch below to learn all about our logistics solutions and why you should be NEXT to ship or drive with us.

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