Join a network that enables your supply chain to be cost effective, reliable, fast, and sustainable.



lower demurrage occurrence


on-time delivery record


faster empty terminations


tons of CO2 prevented


Save time and money by removing friction from every step of a shipment’s journey with powerful automations and reduction of accessorials.

  • Minimize accessorials with NEXT’s yards, equipment, and technology. Further reduce unplanned costs with an optional all-in rate.
  • Lower your line haul costs leveraging NEXT’s diverse carrier base of owner operators, fleets, and company drivers.
  • Save even more on line haul costs by bundling NEXT’s services across ports and products.
  • Reduce operational cost with NEXT’s technology that automates and alleviates errors in every step of the container lifecycle, from delivery order to billing.


Our comprehensive approach, including diverse carriers, thorough vetting, performance scoring, and advanced matching algorithms, ensures we source the best carrier for your load.

  • Gain superior container visibility through the NEXT mobile app’s GPS tracking and redundant chassis GPS tracking using the NEXT Shipper portal or EDI.
  • Minimize shocks to your operation and working capital with NEXT’s innovative accessorial management.
  • Decrease delays by utilizing NEXT carriers that have 41% lower out of service rating than the industry.
  • 97% of outgates are captured in our system within 1 hour, driving more real time track and trace.


Our automated platform streamlines delivery order submission, offers full container visibility with track and trace technology, and quickly mobilizes the best carriers for your freight, saving you time.

  • Accelerate inventory to cash with NEXT’s ability to deliver 93% of containers within 4 hours of outgate.
  • Leverage our terminal integrations and steamship line partnerships to get your containers delivered up to 38% faster than traditional drayage in peak congestion.
  • Expedite a regional or cross country FTL shipment with available same day pickup.
  • Quickly move high risk loads using NEXT’s ‘Delta Force’ of company drivers and dedicated trucks and chassis.


We are committed to moving freight in a sustainable manner. Lowering CO2 emissions by minimizing the number of empty miles driven by our carriers.

  • Our load bundling technology and terminal partnerships allow us to reduce empty miles 33% more effectively than the industry.
  • NEXTpedited vessels get priority berthing at our partner terminals, eliminating up to 30 days of idle emissions per vessel per year.
  • Our ATLAS TMS seamlessly handles free flows allowing for less fuel to be used during the end-to-end shipment journey.

Our Technology

NEXT employs state-of-the-art technology to deliver great experiences for our shippers and carriers. We do this by digitizing the end-to-end journey of the container and using data to drive better decisions.

Our pricing algorithm uses a gradient boosted decision tree machine learning model driven by 30+ different signals and years of historical data to determine the best market rate for Drayage and Truckload shipments. All linehaul rates provided by the NEXT Get a Quote tool are guaranteed for 30 days.

Our trucking EDI system streamlines logistics operations, enabling seamless electronic data interchange between shippers, carriers, and suppliers. By automating workflows and eliminating manual processes, we boost efficiency, reduce errors, and enhance overall supply chain performance.

Ship with us

Our delivery order automation revolutionizes order fulfillment by eliminating manual tasks and streamlining the entire process from order placement to delivery confirmation. By optimizing efficiency and accuracy, businesses can achieve faster deliveries, reduced operational costs, and enhanced customer satisfaction.

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Our tracking visibility solution provides real-time, end-to-end visibility of shipments throughout the supply chain. With up-to-date information on shipment status, location, and potential delays, businesses can make informed decisions, optimize logistics, and provide superior customer service.

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Our holds management notification system ensures proactive communication and prompt resolution of any holds or delays in the shipment process. By promptly notifying relevant stakeholders about the status and reasons for holds, businesses can minimize disruptions, improve efficiency, and maintain a smooth supply chain operation.

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Logistics never stops and neither do we. NEXT operates 24 x 7 x 365 to ensure your freight is always moving and delivered on-time.

What’s more, the NEXT Shipper Portal is 100% self-service and provides everything you need to monitor your container operations whenever and wherever you are.

NEXT services 10 U.S. ports and 8 major U.S. rail hubs.

U.S. Ports:

    • Los Angeles
    • Long Beach
    • Oakland
    • Seattle
    • Tacoma
    • Houston
    • Savannah
    • Charleston
    • New York
    • New Jersey

U.S. Rail Hubs:

    • Los Angeles
    • Phoenix
    • Salt Lake City
    • Dallas
    • Chicago
    • Memphis
    • Nashville
    • Charlotte

Simple! Click here to provide basic information about your freight and receive a live quote for Drayage or Truckload shipments.

Yes we do! NEXT started as a full truckload marketplace in 2015, delivering to all 48 contiguous U.S. states, before expanding into Drayage in 2019.

If you have Drayage freight that needs to be transloaded and transported locally, regionally, or across the country, we’re the right partner for you!

Ask your NEXT rep on how we can reduce your total cost of operation by simplifying your supply chain.

We sure do!

If you have Drayage freight that needs to be transloaded and transported locally, regionally, or across the country as a full truckload, we’re the right partner for you!

Ask your NEXT rep on how we can reduce your total cost of operation by simplifying your supply chain.

The NEXT Shipper Portal provides you with real-time GPS map tracking across your active containers and completed containers.

You can also leverage our delivery order automation, manage container holds, monitor demurrage and per diem risk, automate self-service reporting, and so much more!

In the NEXT Shipper Portal. Click on the completed container to open its tracking page and then click on the ‘Documents’ tab.

All documents are provided in real-time as they are uploaded by Carriers and saved for your historical reference within each shipment.

There are times when a terminal marks a container as ‘UTL’ or ‘Unable to Locate’.

This can happen for various reasons, but when it does, we surface this container status as a hold in the NEXT Shipper Portal, while your dedicated Operations team works with the terminal to locate and outgate the container.

At this time NEXT primarily transports dry and refrigerated cargos, along with class 9 hazmat.

To inquire about shipping with NEXT, please contact sales@nexttrucking.com.

Yes, we are a bonded and licensed freight broker.

NEXT also works with bonded carriers that are licensed to move freight through and across U.S. points of entry. These carriers are able to move bonded cargo to bonded warehouses or the final destination when the cargo has not been cleared by customs.

Not at this time. However, we do surface CBP container holds within the NEXT Shipper Portal, so you can take action in the event customs documentation still needs to be cleared for a specific container.

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