Container Holds Management and Notifications for Shippers

Shippers, Ports, and Terminals are all working together to build transparency. However, we’re not at a point where the end-to-end solution exists (yet). To help our Shippers understand their risk of fees, we’re adding transparency to the container milestones our Shippers care about the most.

As a part of our drive toward complete Drayage transparency, NEXT now provides Shippers with Container Holds Management and Notifications

Starting today, all Drayage Shippers will receive Container Hold Notifications delivered to their inbox at 8:00 am PST every weekday. Within the NEXT Shipper portal, users can also see which of their containers have holds (along with the number and type of holds placed on a container). Shippers can also filter their containers by hold type.

By gaining consistent visibility into critical container milestones, information, and hold statuses, we’re creating an environment where Shippers can proactively clear any holds to prevent demurrage risk or fees.

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