Save money and the planet at the same time.


1360 tons

of CO2 emissions 
prevented since 2021


of our loads are bundled 
> 33% less empty miles

30 days

of eliminated idle emissions 
per vessel per year


NEXT is committed to sustainable freight movement and has already prevented 1,360 tons of CO2 emissions since 2021. The key to achieving this is by minimizing empty miles driven by carriers. This is done through algorithmic load pairing, which optimizes round trip and dual transaction jobs to complete the maximum number of 
loads while reducing fuel consumption.

Currently, over 50% of our loads are bundled, a 66% increase since implementing the load bundling two years ago. Their target is to bundle 80% of loads by the end 
of 2023.

In addition to load bundling technology, NEXT’s terminal partnerships have helped reduce empty miles by 33%. This is achieved through improved outgating productivity and collaboration. Their ATLAS TMS and carrier mobile app further contribute to sustainability by handling free flows, enhancing route management, and reducing fuel usage during shipments.

NEXTpedited, launched in 2022, extends their sustainability efforts to their steamship line partners. By providing priority berthing at partner terminals, they eliminate up 
to 30 days of idle emissions per vessel per year.

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