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NEXT Operations Infrastructure Director, John Washington, discusses how NEXT’s local yard network and chassis equipment play a pivotal role in providing infrastructure resources for some of today’s leading Automotive, eCommerce, and Medical Supply companies.

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At NEXT, we provide solutions that go further than just transporting containers. Our diverse customer base across automotive manufacturing, medical supplies, eCommerce, and others require an agile supply chain that can flex with their logistics needs.

In the case of just-in-time manufacturing, when the production line can’t keep up with seasonal demand, containers can’t sit at the terminal or they’ll risk accruing demurrage. With NEXT’s local yard network, we provide short and long-term storage solutions to keep our customers’ containers moving through the terminals and reducing their accessorial exposure.

During peak conditions when chassis equipment is scarce, solutions like our stacked yard in Oakland, CA allow us to dismount and stack containers, freeing up the chassis to outgate another container at the terminal. In some cases, a single chassis can be used to outgate multiple containers in the same day, better utilizing the equipment, minimizing driver down time, and eliminating chassis split fees. When the manufacturing line is ready for more inventory, a container is simply pulled from the stack, mounted to a chassis, and delivered to the customer’s facility.

For supply and eCommerce companies, when their warehouse falls behind and has to close their dock to catch up, wheeled storage yards provide a temporary, secure, and cost-effective alternative to paying a carrier costly detention or layover fees while they park at a truck stop or on the side of the street.

With real-time yard availability across our network, our yard management teams store, stage, and process hundreds of container transactions every day. Whether it’s for just a few hours, a few days, or even a few weeks, we have local container storage yards around all of the major U.S. ports to satisfy our customers’ ever-changing needs.

If you need on-going container storage solutions or just want to have a backup plan for hiccups in your supply chain, let us know. We’d be happy to make you NEXT.


Series Summary:

NEXT Trucking is the most robust freight technology company in the drayage industry. We also provide transloading and full truckload services to our customers. Watch below to learn all about our logistics solutions and why you should be NEXT to ship or drive with us.

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