There’s a New Revolution in Trucking & Shipping

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NEXT Trucking is driving the freight tech revolution in Drayage and Full Truckload.

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If you hadn’t noticed there’s a company driving the freight tech revolution and it’s called NEXT.

Instead of building a business around what would benefit us, we took a long hard look at what would benefit you and here’s what we found.

Trucker- You don’t like waiting around for your next load. No, you want control over what you drive, when you want to drive it. More than anything you want to drop the deadheads and pickup, well, more pickups. (Pick ‘em up!)

Shippers - You hate when your shipments stand still. You need to keep them moving and get 24/7 real-time visibility on where those shipments are, so surprises like this (No! Come on!) don’t happen.

And that’s why we built NEXT. A platform that gives both truckers and shippers complete control over their workload. It’s a whole new world, people.

So, where do you want to go next?


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