#DriversFirst Isn’t Just a Hashtag – It’s Our Mission

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Every NEXT employee will tell you… #DriversFirst is at the core of everything we do.

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For me there’s no point of me being here or really any of us being here if it wasn’t for the drivers.

I got emotional when I hear, “Drivers First”. I feel so happy and comfortable to work here at NEXT and when I hear from the CEO for the NEXT Trucking in saying, “Drivers First”, it really, it really mean a lot.

Making sure that they’re well taken care of is what “Drivers First” means for me. You know we have dispatchers coming in and asking me, “Hey, this driver’s being refused you know? At the port”… “Oh, well let me get on the phone real quick”, so that he doesn’t sit there for a couple of hours. Time is money.

At the end of the day they’re all the ones they’re out there moving the freight and making this happen. So, with that known, the whole drive for us being here is our drivers.

Having the same goals, the same objectives as the driver and how we can actually enable them to live a happier life.

I think if we’re so focused on the driver, everything else will fall in place. If I’m a driver and NEXT is saying “Hey, you can make $1,000 a day in our marketplace” and you can kind of carve out your own route, like why would I not want to join that?

On our platform, I think drivers here have a voice. They’re able to choose the work that they want at the rate that they want.

And that’s why everybody see me here with a smile with a lot of motivation bringing owner operators, because it’s not just they say it they want “Drivers First”, they mean it and every day I see that is true.


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