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At NEXT, we’re more than moving loads. We’re moving an industry. Powered by modern technology and built to empower truckers, shippers, and operators, NEXT is the only freight tech company with an all-in-one solution for the first mile. Welcome to a more connected drayage experience.

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Every year five trillion dollars worth of goods are moved through U.S. ports and every day thousands of truck drivers spend 41,000 hours sitting idle at these ports due to congestion and delays. Last year [2019] in southern California ports alone, shippers spent almost 350 million dollars covering fees from these delays.

The U.S. is the world’s largest importer and second largest exporter. Drayage, or the first mile, is the most complex sector in the trucking industry involving multiple participants - steamship lines, customs, terminals, chassis providers, yards, warehouses, truck drivers, and shippers. However, with the lack of data and technology in port logistics, the struggle to stay connected and move freight seamlessly is felt on all fronts of this 50 billion dollar industry.

It’s time to move the first mile into the 21st century. It’s time for a revolution.

Introducing NEXT, America’s first drayage marketplace that connects shippers with small trucking companies to create one of the largest and most connected virtual fleets in drayage.

Powered by modern technology and built to empower truckers, shippers, and operators, NEXT is the only freight tech company with an all-in-one solution for the first mile.

To book or manage loads, Drivers currently rely on calling operators and dispatchers. With NEXT’s easy to use mobile app, drivers are now empowered to create their own schedule and take advantage of optimized load bundling; reducing time spent waiting for a returned call. Whether drivers want to stay local with round trips from the port to a warehouse or book yard to yard loads, drivers can now operate and plan their schedule entirely from the driver’s seat. Powered by AI and Machine Learning, NEXT’s technology helps drivers plan their schedule according to their own preferences, reducing deadhead to ensure more turns and more money in a single day. As important as flexibility is to drivers, so is getting paid quickly. With NEXT’s convenient quick pay options, drivers can ensure they get paid promptly and on time.

Consumers can track their shipment down to the vehicle it’s on during the last mile, but in the first mile, shippers waste hours every day calling and emailing to find the status of their containers. Trusted by top U.S. importers, NEXT offers 24/7 real-time tracking and visibility into a container’s journey, saving valuable time and money for fast shipping and even faster cash flow. NEXT makes it easy to submit, track, and store documents as well as virtually and proactively manage exceptions. This means greater transparency and peace of mind.

Traditional brokers spend hours relaying container updates between drivers, shippers, and other drayage participants. At NEXT, automated workflows empower operators to infinitely scale their capabilities to handle a greater volume of containers than traditional brokers. NEXT uses chassis management, robust terminal integrations, and other software to provide predictive exception management. This means operators can proactively resolve issues before they arise, ensuring pickup and deliveries experience fewer costly delays.

The future of drayage is about being smarter, faster, and more connected. At NEXT, we’re giving back the power, so you can get back to what matters most.

Drivers - More control and better pay.

Shippers - Complete visibility in on-time deliveries

And Operators - Faster dispatching and smoother shipments.

We’re more than moving loads. We’re moving in industry.

The future of drayage is here.

Join us in the NEXT revolution.


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