2019 DRAYTECH Highlights

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The 2019 DrayTECH conference was #NEXTLevel and we’re only getting started! Check out some highlights from the event 📽️ 🚛📲

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“For I have a wonderful electronic invention I want you to see. It looks something like this…”

If you think about it, Drayage is like black-and-white television. It used to be cart and horses and then from there we had a little bit of sound and that meant that we actually had a motor - engine powered - drove those things from the ship out to actually get on the rails to get on the way.

And then we had color and, in a way, that’s really where we are with Freight Tech or trucks and how transportation works.

But, then the video industry kept moving along and you had color and animation. And then you had IMAX and the industry still hasn’t changed and it’s continued to move and go on and the new norm for consumption from us says now there’s CGI and then we had 3D and now you have virtual reality.

Imagine when freight actually gets along and catches up.

I really want to scream out of my lungs to all, at every event, first mile is as important as last mile.


Series Summary:

A throwback to some of the best moments at NEXT over the years.

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