Under the Hood: Introducing DrayDocs

Earlier this week, we previewed a new feature on the blog, Under the Hood, aimed at highlighting updates we’ve made to our technology. 

Today, we’re debuting the initiative, with a back-end solution that will help our marketplace drivers get paid faster.

Introducing DrayDocs, a document management tool that will drastically simplify the process carriers go through when organizing, tracking, and submitting transactional documents for drayage loads.

Document Upload Update


Once a load is complete, carriers will be prompted to upload documents into specific categories, as opposed to bulk upload. This approach helps us make it clear to a carrier which documents are required to complete a job and to get paid.

After a document has been uploaded through a new, easy-to-use interface, carriers will be able to crop, rotate, and adjust the photo to ensure the document submission is clear. By allowing editing functions for each document, we can drastically lower the chances of faulty image uploads.

Accessorial Add-Ons

Add Accessorial

This release will additionally allow carriers to add accessorials fees to invoices, for both drayage and OTR, directly in the NEXT mobile app.

For example, if fees have been accrued while hauling a load, carriers can easily select the fee type from a menu, enter the fee amount, and receive a receipt of the charge. This will ensure all costs are correctly and efficiently added to the invoice without delays.

Additional Updates For Shippers and Terminals

In addition to the NEXT mobile app updates, this release will create improvements for our partner shippers and terminals. Because the interface is dynamic, we can ensure that all of the documents a shipper needs are sent in tandem with invoices.

DrayDocs capabilities for carriers are now available in the NEXT mobile app. We’re excited to see what you think of the new features.

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