Under the Hood: An Easier Way to Track Your Earnings

Last month, we revealed DrayDocs — a document management tool designed to simplify the process Carriers go through when organizing, tracking, and submitting transactional documents. Since launching DrayDocs, we saw a 24% increase in document uploads to the NEXT mobile app within 24 hours; meaning Carriers are quickly adopting this easier and faster way of submitting documents.

Today, we’re launching a revamped Payments screen. Designed with Carriers in mind, to give them the tools they need to effectively manage their earnings. With this update, Carriers will now be able to:

View Issued Payments

Sent payment information will now be accessible on the Payments screen.

See Payment Status for Every Job

Track the payment status of every load and booked jobs to know when it’s payday.

Track Earnings

Carriers can now view monthly and year-to-date earnings in the NEXT mobile app, giving them more tools to strategically track earnings goals.

Access Invoices in One Place

With access to every invoice, Carriers may now easily cross-reference what they’ve been paid for every job and load.

View and Resubmit Accessorial Receipts

Carriers will now have the ability to resubmit invoice receipts and more in the NEXT mobile app , to ensure payment for additional fees.

NEXT TIP: Get FREE Quick Pay (payment in 3-5 business days) for every load that is tracked via GPS on the NEXT mobile app and when POD and invoice are submitted through the NEXT mobile app within 24 hours.

To experience the new Payments screen and all other updates, download the latest version of the NEXT mobile app by visiting the link below and clicking “update” in the app store.

Update the app now.

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