Under the Hood: How We’re Automating Accessorials to Pay Carriers Faster

For several months, NEXT has been hard at work building a feature within ATLAS, our proprietary Transportation Management System (TMS), designed to automate the most time-consuming parts of the accessorial (fee) identification and payout process. The primary goal in building this feature has always been to introduce automation into our payment processes, so that we may bill Shippers sooner, to ultimately pay Carriers faster.

Today, we’re excited to announce the launch of Suggested Accessorials, the first milestone in a larger Accessorial Automation initiative designed to fully automate the accessorial identification, confirmation and payout process – a process in logistics that has long relied on an archaic, heavily manual, and error prone approach. 

With Suggested Accessorials, time-consuming phases of the accessorial payout process will be automated, reducing the effort and manual work required of our internal teams. This allows NEXT to pay out a higher volume of Carriers, in less time. In addition, with this first milestone, we’re able to drastically reduce errors around accessorial identification and payouts, leading to faster billing for Shippers, and even faster and more accurate payouts for Carriers.

We look forward to providing updates on our progress as we continue to build out this feature and bring full automation to the accessorial identification and payout process.

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If you’re a Shipper looking for reliable capacity and full visibility into the status of every container email us at sales@nexttrucking.com.

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