Product Update: More Roundtrip Loads, Less Deadhead

NEXT has begun rolling out a route-bundling service that allows carriers to easily book roundtrip jobs with the aim to reduce deadhead and more efficiently manage empty miles. The more streamlined feature now gives carriers the peace of mind of knowing that when they book a job going out, they’ll have another one coming back.

Our mission is to empower truck drivers to work when they want, how they want. We understand finding consistent, reliable work can be challenging and that’s at the heart of this new product feature. We believe carriers shouldn’t have to drive far to earn more.

In addition to more local loads, the direct result of this enhancement is that drivers and fleet managers can more efficiently manage empty miles, and increase earnings potential. We want to give drivers more opportunities to find and book loads closer to home, with multiple roundtrips replacing the need for long overnight and out of state hauls far away from home and family.

We’ve spent countless hours with our users conducting focus groups and feedback sessions to figure out how to solve the most pressing issues for truckers. Round trip bundling capabilities have been built in response to the feedback we’ve received from our drivers. Predictability, both in terms of earnings potential and knowing where a driver will be on a given day have been identified as critical in our research, so we’re addressing those head-on.

Less empty miles, more time with family.

Book more local loads in the NEXT Trucking app today.

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