Operation Safe Driver Week

Today begins Operation Safe Driver Week. During this initiative, traffic enforcement personnel will be looking for drivers who are engaging in unsafe driving behaviors. Those who are caught will be issued a warning or citation.

In the past few months, the average speed on interstate highways and expressways has increased as much as 75%, as the number of vehicles on the road has decreased due to stay at home orders. With this in mind, this year’s Operation Safe Driver Week will focus on speeding. While it is always important to drive safe and within the speed limit, here is a quick refresh of driver safety to abide by at all times to keep you safe and back home to those that matter most.

Remember to Never:

  • Drive Distracted
  • Text While Driving
  • Fail to Use a Seatbelt
  • Follow Too Closely
  • Improper Lane Change
  • Drive Reckless or Aggressive 
  • Fail to Obey Traffic Control Devices
  • Drive Under The Influence of Drugs or Alcohol

Tips for Safe Driving:

  • No Phones While Driving
  • Leave Room and Move Over
  • Stop the Tailgating
  • Don’t Forget the Signal
  • Get Organized With All of Your Paperwork (License, Registration, Logbook, etc…)

Required To Have On Personnel Or In Truck While On The Road:


  • License (Class A)
  • TWIC
  • Medical Card
  • ELD (Log Books)


  • Registration
  • Cab Card
  • Insurance
  • Lease Documentation (if applicable)
  • ELD (Log Books and Instruction Manual)
  • Incident Forms
  • Emergency Contacts 

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