NEXT Trucking Announces New Customizable Reports

This week, we announced a new feature within our Shipper Portal; Customizable Reports.

With a comprehensive range of filters and data fields, Customizable Reports provides an unrivaled level of transparency and visibility. Customers have immediate access to an intuitive and fully customizable reporting tool, with options to create, edit, distribute, and schedule recurring reports on NEXT’s secure, proprietary platform. 

“The most common question asked of us by operations managers in our network is ‘How do I know where my container or shipment is?’” said Lidia Yan, Co-founder of NEXT Trucking. “With Customizable Reports, we are answering that critical question. In the post-pandemic economy, transparency in the movement of freight throughout the supply chain will be the difference between full and empty shelves – whether virtual, or physical.”

Prior to the introduction of the Shipper Portal, container and shipment information was traditionally accessible through legacy methods such as spreadsheets, emails, and phone calls. Now, shippers can communicate and track the real-time status of their freight quickly and efficiently in a streamlined digital format. Customizable Reports is the next step in the evolution of NEXT’s best-in-class container and shipment tracking technology.

With automated scheduling features, Customizable Reports allows Shipper Portal users to: 

  • Download fully-customized reports as CSVs 
  • Share reports within a secure, digital platform 
  • Freely edit data fields, time ranges, and filters for each report
  • Automate and schedule distribution via email
  • Adjust reporting frequency and delivery method 

“Before the Shipper Portal, getting information about my containers and sharing that with stakeholders took a big chunk of my day,” said an Operations Manager with a top US retailer. “With Customizable Reports, once I select the information I need, I can just receive all my container status updates via email everyday. It has saved me at least an hour a day.” 

“With Customizable Reports, I feel more informed than ever about the whereabouts and details of all my containers” said the Director of Operations at a top global furniture retailer. “By automating these reports, I’m able to focus more on problem-solving and less on getting basic information about my containers.”

Users can access Customizable Reports directly within the Shipper Portal. Future iterations of the Shipper Portal will include expanded automation capabilities, AI-driven delivery order submission processes, and improved invoice management. 

For more, please reach out to one of our team members at 

View more information on NEXT’s Shipper Portal here.

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