NEXT Announces New Shipper Portal

Recently, we announced the launch of our new Shipper Portal.

This new robust online portal streamlines and expedites communications with our shipper customers, reducing manual processes, and providing real-time visibility into the status of a container.
The NEXT Shipper Portal offers shippers an easy-to-use freight management platform to monitor, gather data, download reports, and take action on every phase of a container’s journey.

Full Control Over Freight 

Giving shippers full control over their freight, the new platform provides automated real-time shipment track and trace from vessel to termination, customizable reporting, scheduling capabilities, automated leveraging of at-risk containers, and a comprehensive dashboard with container ETAs, last free day, per diem, demurrage, and more.

“NEXT’s Shipper Portal is extremely user friendly and is a game-changer for anyone involved in the drayage industry,” said a senior executive from a top ocean carrier. “Previously, I was manually tracking 200+ containers for one customer alone to check if containers were on a vessel, unloaded in the port, outgated, or returned empty.

More Data and Key Metrics 

Advanced reporting features allow shippers to configure personalized trends and insights, view risk-ranked containers for action, and automate container status reports.

Businesses have long asked for more data about their shipments, as understanding key business metrics like on-time delivery and facility wait times is imperative,” said Lidia Yan, CEO and Co-Founder at NEXT. “Our Shipper Portal offers a robust, intuitive dashboard and data experience for shippers, who would otherwise spend hours manually assembling reports themselves. Additionally, it helps shippers identify priority containers that need attention, such as containers with an upcoming appointment time, past appointment time, soon to incur demurrage/per diem, and more.

Looking Forward 

Future versions of the Shipper Portal will include an automated delivery order submission process using artificial intelligence and machine learning, real-time notifications about important changes/events to containers, and the ability to manage all invoices.

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