Logistic Optimization in the Digital Age // Press Round-Up Week of 2/26-3/2

Many shipping companies today use technology, but most are not getting the most potential out of their electronic devices. New innovations have integrated themselves into the supply chain more than ever before, but it still feels like the industry is just scratching the surface as to what’s possible with digital logistics. So how exactly is tech changing the trucking industry? Here are 5 pieces that look at the possibilities of the internet supply chain.

Food & Beverage Ecommerce: How Online Shopping Impacts The Supply Chain
With 16% of adults taking part in the fresh produce ecommerce chain, the online food and beverage supply chain is becoming even more crucial to food retailers’ day to day businesses. This piece at Supply Chain Management Review goes in depth on the best practices for managing a digital produce marketplace and the various considerations to take into account when starting one.

Why Trucking and Logistics Will Lead the Autonomous Vehicle Revolution
While autonomous vehicles have been in development for a much longer time in non-commercial vehicles, this piece at Trucks.com goes in-depth as to why trucking is at the forefront of the innovation. The article goes into all the different ways that trucks are experimenting with innovation, and is great further reading for our autonomous trucks post from last week.

Are Your Trucks Ready for Last-Mile Logistics?
One of the rising trends to come out of the ecommerce is popularity of last-mile shipping, so preparing your fleet to properly execute this type of delivery can be crucial. Trucking Info takes an in-depth look at what kind of trucking technology and logistic precautions fleets need to start going the final mile.

Store Fulfillment for E-Commerce Success
While it is commonly thought that the rise of online stores means the fall of brick and mortar shops, that might not be the case. Logistics Viewpoints examines how physical stores are being repositioned within the new digital supply chain, and the different ways that customers today are feeling about walking into a store in the digital age.

Tech, not consolidation, will drive container shipping change
With seven container carrier companies closing over the past two years, now might be the perfect time for overseas shipping to experience a radical technology change. The Journal of Commerce argues that getting these companies to use one neutral blockchain platform now is easier than ever, and could give the industry the shake-up it needs.

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