Introducing Under the Hood: How NEXT Builds Products

Introducing Under the Hood: How NEXT Builds Products

This week, we’ll be launching a recurring series on updates we’ve made to our product. We’re calling it “Under the Hood,” and the idea is to spotlight updates to our app and other technology, all aimed at creative painless freight.

For background, NEXT uses agile principles, meaning our product teams utilize short sprints to improve the experience for our users (drivers and shippers) and, in our case, push an update every two weeks. Sometimes, the update is relatively hidden and aims to make things faster across our logistics operating system. In other instances, however, our updates are very forwarding facing, such as an improvement in the way drivers can upload a POD.


Under the Hood has two goals. The first is to share what we’ve pushed into production, and discuss why we’re launching a particular feature or function. The second, and perhaps most important, is to garner feedback.


Because we’re an agile shop, feedback from our users plays a critical role in helping us prioritize our product roadmap. We have groups of shippers and drivers that regularly meet to provide insights on how our solution can make things easier and more effective for them. Under the Hood is meant to create a new feedback loop, letting our users have a peek into how we’re building products and letting us know what should be next on our roadmap.

The comments section will be open for any and all of the Under the Hood posts. We look forward to seeing what you think.

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