Introducing our NEXTpedited Services

This morning, NEXT Trucking introduced a program that we’ve been running as a closed pilot. We’re calling it our NEXTpedited Service, and the idea behind it is to remove friction from drayage.

We partner with steamship lines to influence how containers are stowed at the point of origin, making it easier for terminals to unload containers and create multiple peel piles, grouped by shipper or a common/nearby destination. From there, we offer drivers the ability to pick up containers from the peel piles with appointments.

Containers are delivered, and we ask our shippers for either live-unload, or a one-day drop and hook. This allows drivers to complete three to four round trips to the port each day (taking a recently unloaded empty back for dual transaction purposes), generally using the same chassis they arrive with for the next container they carry.

The process is removing around three weeks from the typical time it takes a shipper to get access to their goods. In addition, it’s focused on eliminating demurrage and detention for our shippers.

NEXTPedited is still running as a pilot program, but we regularly add new shippers to our program.

If you’re a shipper who’d like to be considered for entry into the program, or a driver who’s interested in faster turns at the port, please send a note to

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