Introducing Lane Preferences: An Easier Way for Carriers to Find, Book, and Save the Lanes They Love

Carriers often find themselves scrolling through load apps, passing over loads that either don’t fit their schedules, or in lanes they’re not interested in. It can be frustrating when there are dozens of available loads in an app, but few to none are in lanes the Carrier is actually want. This makes it very difficult to fill a workday using one source for loads – so Carriers are forced to try 3-5 different apps and brokers to fill their daily schedules. 

NEXT’s new feature “Lane Preferences” solves these problems by introducing a lane preference filter so that Carriers can search, book, and save the lanes that fit their needs, goals, and work preferences. No more scrolling endlessly to find the one load a Carrier likes in a heap of dozens. No more having to pick up a load in a lane that doesn’t fit a Carriers needs. Along with NEXT’s existing filters like date, mode, trailer type, etc. – with Lane Preferences, Carriers will be able to filter by starting point and destination, so that every load presented is perfectly matched to the Carriers needs. 

“Our goal with Lane Preferences is to simplify the load search experience for Carriers so that they don’t have to sift through 3-4 different apps to fill their work day,” says Derek Marcial, the Product lead for this release. “Lane Preferences helps Carriers filter out the noise by empowering them to filter out loads they don’t want, so they can see just the loads that fit their lifestyles.”  

To try out the new Lane Preferences filter, Carriers simply need to open the NEXT mobile app, tap the filter icon, and select “Lane Preferences.” From here, they’ll be able to select a starting location, end location and a mile range between each so that only loads that fit that criteria are shown. For Carriers who don’t already have the NEXT mobile app, they can download the app for iOS or Android by visiting either of the app stores and searching “NEXT Trucking.” 

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