Introducing Instegration

Earlier this month, NEXT unveiled a partnership and new product with Bristlecone, a supply chain technology solutions provider. The partnership is the culmination of months of work, and opens Bristlecone’s EDI integrations up to NEXT’s shipper-base and driver marketplace.

Bristlecone has built integrations with 2,000 EDI solutions, which is an incredible feat. However, it speaks to the complexity of selecting a supply chain technology… This isn’t an office environment where Windows and Mac are the established players and Google’s Chromebooks are trying to gain acceptance.

There are more than 2,000 options to choose from.

Through our partnership and product, which we’re calling Instegration, any of NEXT’s shippers or carriers with an EDI solution will be able to seamlessly communicate, even if they’re working with disparate EDI solutions. By adding this layer to our marketplace, we are enabling shippers to have more visibility, while empowering carriers and OOs to have access to more cargo. We’re extending the value of EDI investments for all of the players in our marketplace. We’re also making it so new shippers can onboard with us in a matter of minutes.



For the last few months, NEXT executives have discussed a “new norm” for the supply chain and logistics space, touting how data and data sharing will be globally transformative. This is an example of what we mean, and kicks off a series of initiatives that we’ll be rolling out as we help the logistics industry drive to a new normal.

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