How Truck Drivers Can Avoid ID Theft

Over the last week, the leadership team at NEXT  has been discussing the issue of identity theft in the trucking space. Due to the unique circumstances created by COVID-19, there has been a tremendous uptick in crimes of opportunity. And we’re hoping to help drivers protect their good names. 

Why is this happening? 

When the economy goes through a tremendous downturn and people lose their jobs; fraud and identity theft spike. People become scared about keeping food on the table and begin to act in less than scrupulous manners. 

In addition, catastrophes lead career fraudsters into new opportunities. Fake charities spring up looking for donations to what appears to be a great cause, and thieves walk away with their pockets full. 

Our CEO, Lidia Yan, offered some thoughts to Forbes. While Gary Kendle, who oversees our account management teams, shared a piece with Commercial Carrier Journal

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