Fresh Perspectives on Standard News // Press Round-Up Week of 3/19-23

The trucking industry is often criticized for sticking to traditional ways of thinking, even by those in the trucking media. We often see the same topics in industry publications rehashed over and over again to the point of cliche. While the issues facing the industry are complex, article perspectives usually take the same POVs industry-wide. This week, however, there were a lot of fresh takes on some of the most talked about topics in 2018.

Special report: Day of reckoning in driver shortage saga

If you’ve been struggling to find new talking points about the driver shortage, Consumer Carrier Journal has got you covered. The publication published the first piece in a 3-month series on the shortage’s potential impact on the growing economy, so you can continue to mine the issue for talking points well into the summer with hard facts and numbers.

Bill Would Create Pathway for Under-21 Truck Drivers

Not all is bleak on the horizon in the trucker shortage, though. Trucking Info reports on a bill that is making its way through the U.S. House of Representatives that aims to alleviate the trucker shortage by letting 18 year olds earn limited commercial driver’s licenses to transport cargo within state lines. Though not a complete solution, the bill looks like a promising start towards fixing the driver shortage while alleviating the trucking industry’s age problem.

Technology and maximizing your most precious resource

The trucking and logistics industries are currently going through a period of difficult change, making it hard to see the potential impact while dealing with growing pains. Luckily, Overdrive has an insightful column about the positive impact these changes from – get this – a trucker. The writer thoughtfully takes on autonomous trucks and ELDs are not only here to stay – they’re just what the industry needs.

Creating The Internet of Everything

As data from the supply chain moves out of the warehouse and into the cloud, the possibilities for innovation become endless. Inbound Logistics takes a look at different companies and the solutions they are providing over the entire supply chain, from the manufacturing belt to dock doors.

Leveraging Traffic Data for Smart Transportation

With all the existing data available, seeing the possibilities for the future of transportation become alarmingly clear. Logistics Viewpoints breaks down the way that cities can leverage traffic data to make their cities easier to navigate, less congested, and economic. While most of the article is relevant to city planners, the smart logistics professional will certainly be able to identify ways they can use data to clean up their supply chain from this piece as well.

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