Diversity and Inclusion at NEXT Trucking — Fundamental and Necessary to Growth

At NEXT Trucking, we believe in the powers of diversity and inclusion.
This is due as much to our core values as our commitment to taking part in a future accelerated and grown by technology. It’s why we’ve partnered with the Mayor of LA on the PledgeLA initiative, and it’s why we were recently recognized with a Stevie Award for women in business. NEXT Trucking was also named one of the Top Companies for Women to Work for in Transportation by Women in Trucking.

But this commitment is not just about values and recognition — diversity is good for business.

Here’s why:

A diverse workforce brings a diversified talent set to your company and its business practices.

Skills, expertise, experiences from a different perspective — all these things and more can combine to help your organization teach itself from the inside-out. This invariably translates to more growth and success for your business.

Inclusion reduces fear of being seen as different, which optimizes performance.

When a company creates an environment of inclusiveness, internally and in its public dealings, employees who may not fit the definition of the workforce or demographic majority — feel more comfortable and supported. This, in turn, greatly reduces the likelihood that such factors might slow down their growth and progress as individuals and contributors.

It also keeps the door open for them to more freely share their own knowledge, which may come from a different perspective than others, adding to the likelihood of overall camaraderie and collaboration. Inclusion increases comfort across work groups and keeps up morale.

Different language skills can open new opportunities.

While language and cultural differences can sometimes cause a company some complications, once these are handled or worked through — entire new lines of business and communication can be opened, locally and globally.

Beyond this, when clients (and prospective clients) across the world see themselves represented in your workforce, they’re more likely to feel comfortable and to relate to you. That is definitely an advantage to your sales funnel.


Diversity introduces your business to more of the market.

Arguments could be made that marketing and selling to various niches of consumers (including B2B buyers) has never been more work, or more fully doable with today’s technology. This being said, it nevertheless stands that you first need to intimately know — and be able to clearly communicate with — various niche groups, among your prospects and current customers or partners.

When it comes to groups of consumers who come from different backgrounds, having members of those backgrounds within each wing of your operations — prepares you to more effectively recognize and pursue opportunities among them in your market.


In conclusion, diversity wins.

Don’t just take our word for it. The statistics don’t lie. When employees feel included, innovation increases by 83%. When a team is diverse, decision-making improves by 60%.

And 35% of diverse companies (that’s us) outperform homogenous ones. Want to know more about how NEXT does it? Contact us.

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