Celebrating Earth Day with NEXT

Supply chains and the trucking industry are not typically at the forefront of environmental change. However, at NEXT we are committed to a  greener future.

NEXT has a goal to operate a fully clean fleet by the start of 2025, (a full decade ahead of when clean air regulations will require us to do so) and actively partnering with several of the top electronic vehicle manufacturers.

Through our technology, we have created a multi-prong approach to limit idling and deadhead, ensuring each mile driven hauling freight is as meaningful as possible.

  • On the drayage side, we’re making it faster for terminals to move containers out of their hands and on to their destination. Creating land bridge solutions that help trains load more quickly, and simply moving containers out to storage facilities. At NEXT we have dramatically helped reduce carbon emissions at the Ports of Los Angeles and Long Beach, among the most heavily polluted areas in California.


  • Deadhead miles are a drain on every player in supply chain, but also create unnecessary emissions. The NEXT mobile app has been calibrated to allow drivers to book round trips and multiple loads that lessen both drive time and wait time resulting in lower emissions.


  • At our yard, we’re learning (and sharing) best practices for getting trucks in and out more rapidly. Through geofencing, we can have an accurate ETA on when a truck will arrive, making their containers easily accessible, and ultimately mitigating wait times.


While this Earth Day is unlike any other in history, our commitment to helping create a more sustainable future still stands.

Wishing everyone a safe and happy Earth Day.

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