Best Practices for Moving Essential Goods During COVID19

Logistics leaders are being confronted with an unprecedented challenge as a result of the Coronavirus (COVID-19). While pandemics have swept the globe before, the just-in-time nature of many supply chains has led to incredible turmoil.

The typical rules of supply and demand have been forgotten, as companies race to ensure their essential goods make it to store shelves, and ultimately to consumers.

We created a resource to help shippers navigate these incredibly complicated times, layering in best practices from many of the world’s most advanced and robust supply chains.

Among our key findings, learn how forward-thinking shippers are:

  • Changing their approach to sourcing materials and resources
  • Building redundancy across their supply chain
  • Creating new approaches to working with truck drivers

Eight of the top ten shippers in the US have trusted NEXT with their freight, offering us a unique position to understand what’s happening across the globe.


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