$500 Incentive when Carrier Completes 10 Port Loads with NEXT

NEXT is offering NEW Drayage Carriers  $500 incentive compensation. Here’s how it works: 

  • Earn $100 upon signing up and completing carrier’s 1st port load through NEXT
  • Earn an additional $400 upon completing 9 more port loads through NEXT within 21 days of being approved

New carriers and previously approved carriers who are no longer approved are eligible for both incentive offers stated above. If carrier is an approved and/or active NEXT carrier, it is not eligible for this campaign.

Sign up by October 9, 2020 to qualify for the incentive offer. 


Terms and Conditions

Earned incentive compensation for this promotional offer is to be paid out to the participating (opted-in) carrier within two weeks of the week in which such incentive compensation  is earned. Example: If a carrier was to become approved on 9/18/20 and complete 10 port loads in the NEXT Trucking (hereafter referred to as NEXT) app by 9/25/20 (7 days), the earned incentive compensation would be paid out by 11/9/20.

To be eligible for this incentive, carrier must be approved (or re-approved) before 10/9/20

All carriers must sign up on the NEXT mobile app, keep GPS tracking turned on while servicing loads, upload paperwork and submit invoices via the app within 24 hours upon delivery. All loads completed for this promotion must be “Port” loads booked and completed from within the NEXT app.  90% of in-app booked “Port” loads must be completed to qualify for this promotional incentive compensation.

The following are eligible for the $500 incentive compensation: 1) Drayage carriers who have never signed up and have never been approved by NEXT, 2) Drayage carriers who signed up at some point, but were never approved by NEXT, 3) Drayage carriers who signed up with NEXT and were approved, but are not currently approved. In addition to qualify for this $500 incentive compensation, the carrier must have entered into a written Broker-Carrier Agreement with NEXT prior to transporting its first load. Note: If you are a currently approved and/or active NEXT carrier–including any carrier who has completed a load within the last 28 days before a re-approval, you are not eligible for this campaign, including the incentive compensation.

Carriers with negotiated contractual lane rates are not eligible for this promotion. NEXT reserves the right to limit the number of qualifying carriers for this promotion. All carriers must operate within NEXT Trucking’s Terms of Service and the Broker-Carrier Agreement entered into between the carrier and NEXT.

All opted-in and participating carriers must complete a minimum of 90% of loads booked during the qualifying promotional period.

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