Get rolling this Summer with Recommended Loads, Terminal Maps, and more!

We’ve spent the last few months working with our Carriers to develop several great mobile features that we guarantee will make moving container loads easier, just in time for Summer. Suggested by Carriers and built for Carriers, check out a couple of the newest features we released today and stay tuned for more coming soon!

App Dashboard


The new app Dashboard provides 1-tap access to the most essential parts of managing Jobs on the NEXT mobile app, with urgent items prioritized for quick actioning.

  • Tasks show the loads that are missing documents or need to be invoiced. We put these reminders front and center for them to complete and get paid.
  • Dashboard shows a Monthly Overview of completed loads and total earnings for the current month. It also includes Current Loads, which shows the number of loads booked and the total linehaul earning potential from completing those loads.
  • Recommended Jobs show the available Jobs that are tailored to the user’s specific load preferences. Swiping left or right lets them browse the recommended Jobs. Clicking on a Job lets them review the load details before deciding to book.

Recommended Jobs


Carriers asked and we delivered. Recommended Jobs are now the marketplace “Sort By” default in the Available Jobs list. This means Dispatchers and Owner Operators will automatically see the bookable loads that matter most to them, categorized by:

  • Past Lanes
  • Time of Day
  • Close to Home
  • Close to Truck Parking

To take full advantage of Recommended Jobs, users should navigate to the app menu, tap Load Preferences, and add their personalized criteria including:

  • Preferred Load Type
  • Maximum Weight Capacity
  • Truck Parking Location
  • Working Schedule
  • Saved Preferred Lanes

Terminal Maps

No more driving in circles trying to find a container location!

NEXT Trucking is the first to offer in-app maps to help Drivers navigate through the Los Angeles & Long Beach terminals. Each booked load automatically includes the designated terminal map, so Drivers can easily zoom in & out and move the map to quickly find a container location. Terminal maps are available for both Owner Operators and Fleet Drivers using the NEXT mobile app.

A personalized mobile Dashboard, Recommended Jobs, and Terminal Maps… these are just a few ways NEXT is working to make Drayage easier.

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