We help carriers earn more, reach their goals, and keep their wheels moving.


Instantly book loads on preferred lanes.

  • Find work 24/7
  • Free quick pay
  • Reduce empty miles with bundled jobs


A dynamic marketplace that updates in real-time, offering you access to loads 24/7 on your preferred lanes.

  • Free access to thousands of jobs.
  • Personalized job recommendations always available on your preferred lanes.

enabled efficiency

Spend more time hauling and less time finding work.

  • Proprietary load matching saves you time finding the right job.
  • Update load status and documents in real time.
  • Decrease empty miles driven with bundled roundtrip jobs.


*Active minimum 3 months. We are currently ONLY accepting carriers with an MC authority. Only for power-only carriers.



Drayage carriers will also need to provide

We’re revolutionizing trucking for our drivers
Earn more, save time, get paid faster
  • Book loads you want to haul
  • Upload documents to ensure rapid payouts
  • Update load status in real time to meet load requirements
  • Avoid terminal congestion
  • Submit invoices
Your all in one dispatching tool
  • Assign loads to drivers across your fleet
  • Eliminate check-calls and document scanning
  • Transparent view of line haul and accessorial 
rates for each and every load
  • Aggregate your billing information into one 
simple dashboard
Proprietary matching algorithms to match carriers to the best jobs
  • Free access to thousands of jobs
  • Reduce time finding jobs
  • Decrease empty miles driven with bundled jobs

Sign Up and Keep Moving


If you are interested in joining NEXT to complete port loads send an email to or call 1.855.688.6398 and speak to a Carrier Account Manager.

  1. All carriers must have the following:
  2. Active Operating Authorities (CA, MC, and DOT)
  3. MC #must be Active for a minimum of 6 months
  4. Have conducted at least 1 inspection (Voluntary or Routine and documented on SAFER Web)
  5. Active Insurance Coverage

Once you’ve decided on a load in Available Loads that you would like to book, click on it to see the Load Details.


Note that some jobs may contain two loads, to help reduce empty miles.


Like what you see? After reviewing the load details, click on the Book Now button to instantly book the load.


There is a step to confirm you are able to complete the selected load. Please note any special requirements for this load and make sure you understand them before you book. Tap the button to confirm the booking.


Learn how to view your loads in, How do I view my loads?


 If you are a Dispatcher, you will be prompted to assign a driver to the load after you’ve booked. Click Ok to assign one of your Fleet Drivers to the load.



To view your current load on the NEXT app, click on My Loads in the app menu.


Click on the Load Summary for your current load.


Once you are ready to start your current load, click on the I’m ready to start driving button.


When you arrive to the pickup location, tap on I’ve Arrived


 If at any time during the load you accidentally update to an incorrect status, you can click Undo to return the load to the previous status.


 Once you are loaded, click on I’ve Picked Up


When you are ready to depart for the destination location, click on I’m Leaving


When you arrive to the destination location, click on I’ve Arrived


Once you are unloaded, click on I’ve Delivered


You will be prompted to upload your POD.


When you complete a delivery, submit the required PODs, Interchange, and Chassis Docs directly from your smartphone within 2 hours.


When you complete a delivery, submit the PODs directly from your smartphone within 2 hours.


Re-submitting Docs

If you would like to submit a better quality document after submitting it, you can do so on the Payments section of the app.


NOTE: If this is your first time uploading docs in the NEXT 2.0 app, you may need to give the app permission to use your camera.

If you chose not to upload your docs when your load was completed, you can get back to the Upload Documents screen directly from My Loads or the Load Details


Once your proof of delivery docs are submitted, your invoice will be displayed. Invoices must be submitted in order
for payment to be processed.

If you do not complete your invoice after submitting your documents, you can always go back to My Loads to complete your invoice at your convenience.


There are a few reasons why you may have difficulty booking a load on the NEXT app:

  • Your NEXT Driver/Dispatcher account is not approved
  • Another Driver booked the load before you, while you were viewing the load
  • You already have another load booked during the same scheduled load transit time
  • You do not have enough insurance coverage to cover the cost of the freight
  • Your insurance will expire before load pickup date
  • Your insurance will expire during scheduled load transit time
  • You do not qualify to book a Drayage Relay load
  • Shipment was canceled while you were viewing or attempting to book the load
  • You are out of cellphone reception range

If you are unable to book a load for any other reason than what is listed above, or if you feel as though you are unable to book a load due to an error, please contact support through Live Chat.

Below is the list of equipment that you can use to move loads with NEXT:


  • 2-Axle Power Only Unit
  • 3-Axle Power Only Unit


  • Dry Van – 53’ or 48’
  • Reefer – 53’ or 48’
  • Flatbed – 53’ or 48’
  • Power Only – 2 Axle or 3 Axle
  • Box Truck – 24’, 26’, or 28’
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